Facebook Settings, few easy steps!

Profile/Cover pictures – how to set it up!

If it is harder for you to get by on your Facebook profile or wall than for other people, this is what you should read in order to help you.
Having clicked on the link for your profile, your wall opens up right in front of you. At the top of it, below the status bar with the search box there is your cover picture and on the left-hand side your profile picture. In the down left corner of your profile picture there is an icon in the shape of a camera. You should click on it if you want to change your comment pirater un compte facebook picture. Next to your picture there is your name, and next to it to the right there are links via which you can update your info, view you activity log and open up more settings. Below you cover photo there are links to different sections of your profile. The first one of them is the one for your Timeline. On it, on the right-hand side there is a slot in which you can type in your status and add photos/videos or life events to you wall.
facebook settings
Below it there is your Facebook wall, things you and your friends have posted on it. On the left-hand side below your profile picture there is your summarised info. Below it there are pictures and links to profiles of some of your friends and below that there are recent photos you have been tagged on. The second link below your cover photo is titled About and it leads to the place where you can type in and your friends can read your detailed info. Categories for your detailed info which are on the left-hand side include Overview, Work and Education, Places You’ve Lived, Contact and Basic Info, Family and Relationships, Details About You and Life Events. Clicking on any of them leads to your detailed info displayed on the right-hand side. The third link below your cover picture leads to your Facebook Friends. Having clicked on in you can see all of your friends with their names and profile pictures, you can filter them by clicking on links titled Recently Added, Birthdays, University, High School and More.

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Notifications Part

You can even search friends you want to see by typing their names in the search box on the right-hand side. Above the search box there are links to pending Friend Requests, Find Friends and editing friends. The fourth link below the cover photo leads to your pictures, both those you posted and those other people posted and tagged you in. On this page you can Create an Album, Add Photos, Add Videos and edit existing photos. You can also filter photos by clicking on Photos of You, Your Photos and Albums. The final link below the cover photo is More which leads to more settings, such as Videos, Places, Sports, Music, Apps and Games, Likes, Events, Groups, Reviews, Notes, and Manage Sections.
I hope this has been useful. Enjoy using Facebook!